Our Background

As technological innovation becomes mainstream, the world’s industries have entered peak digital transformation, and talent in innovation and technology are in-demand in local and global markets. As a flagship for innovation and technology cultivation in Hong Kong, Cyberport’s vision is to create a new economic driver for Hong Kong. Cyberport is committed to cultivating tech talent and entrepreneurs while fostering digital development and accelerating digital uptake in the public and private sectors. Each year Cyberport organises multiple events and offers a variety of entrepreneurship and internship programmes. We aim to train and nurture outstanding talent with technological knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit for Hong Kong.
In 2020, to align with Hong Kong’s long-term development strategy and to meet the ever-growing demand for innovative tech talent, Cyberport has established the Cyberport Academy. Its goals include integrating and upgrading existing talent training programmes, further expanding Hong Kong’s technology talent pool, and making good use of Cyberport’s network to strengthen cooperation with governments, universities, academic institutions and the business sector. Cyberport Academy will increase development opportunities for tech talent while enhancing Hong Kong’s overall competitiveness through the use of technology. 

Our Vision

Cyberport Academy aims to promote the dissemination and universality of digital knowledge, and to inspire innovative thinking. To these ends, it provides an open platform for top technology, business and academic organisations to offer technological and entrepreneurial training to young people and industry practitioners through varied activities and programmes. At the same time, it connects academic institutions, professional groups and enterprises to provide opportunities for development and progression to scientific and technological talent. Ultimately, Cyberport Academy aims to enrich and perfect Hong Kong's tech talent pool, and to support the city’s long-term economic development.  

Three Key Work Areas

1. Internship and Employment Platform—creating career opportunities

Strengthen Cyberport's entrepreneurship and employment support for young talent. Leverage Cyberport's local and international networks: enhance cooperation with home and overseas academic institutions, professional groups and the business community to matchmake young people with the right jobs. Offer technology internships, placements, and employment opportunities to help young talent apply what they have learned and to build on their strengths. At the same time, promote the recruitment and integration of creative talent and foster the digital tech industry’s development. 

2. Recognition of Professional Qualifications —adding value for talent and industry

Provide recognised training programmes and courses for various industries, including accredited programmes, special short courses, seminars, workshops, delegations, etc. This will boost the industry’s competitiveness through the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills, while adding value by further enhancing the standards and professionalism of Hong Kong’s digital tech courses and training programmes. 

Connect to the qualification framework (QF) and professional qualification system according to the needs for some of the training programmes. Provide students with credible qualifications and level hierarchy recognition, with clearly comparable standards, in support of continuing studies and promotion paths. Also provide a broader and more comprehensive career development ladder for tech talent.   

Provide local and overseas courses and training programmes covering different technology areas for different communities, including students, youth, practitioners, start-ups, etc., to expand the local technology talent pool.

3. Knowledge Research Institute—establishing an I&T industrial think tank

Connect with local and international industry leaders and pioneers through Cyberport’s network. Cooperate with universities and academic research institutions to conduct technology-related research. Publish reports providing forward-looking industry analysis in areas such as industrial development, digital transformation and innovation. Serve as a think tank to help the industry continue to improve.

Strengthen Cyberport’s support for talent development. Provide open learning resources. Build a self-learning platform to help industries advance with the times and improve their competitiveness. 

Advisory Group for FinTech 2022-23

Chairman Professor Kar Yan Tam
Dean of Business and Management,  
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Secretary Mr. Eric Chan
Chief Public Mission Officer, 
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Advisors Dr. Rocky Cheng
Chief Information Officer, 
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and President of Hong Kong Computer Society
  Mr. Angus Choi
Former Chief Executive Officer, 
  Ms. Ruth Kung
Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute 
  Professor TW Lam
Head Department of Computer Science, 
The University of Hong Kong, and 
Executive Director, 
HKU-SCF FinTech Academy
  Ms. Selina Lau
Chief Executive, 
The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
  Ms. Carrie Leung
Chief Executive Officer, 
The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
  Mr. Ken Lo
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer,
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Master in FinTech, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  Mr. Fred Ngan
Co-founder and Co-CEO, 
Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited
  Mr. Kelvin Lo
Principal Assistant Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury (Financial Services)