Cyberport Academy - Privacy Policy

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (“Cyberport Owner”) has adopted this Policy to explain how the personal data collected through the Platform and/or Services (as defined in the Cyberport Academy Terms and Conditions) (the “Academy Personal Data”) will be used and for what purposes.   As we collect and use the Academy Personal Data in Hong Kong, we will comply with the relevant personal data protection legislation in Hong Kong without reference to the requirements of other jurisdictions. 
1.                  Obligation to Disclose Personal Data
Unless otherwise stated, you must supply personal data requested by us in connection with the opening or continuation of the account maintained with us by you or by the entity related to you, the provision of the Services by us, and/or the use of certain features of the Platform. Failure to supply such data may result in Cyberport Owner being unable to open or maintain such account, to provide the Services requested by you or entity related to you, or to offer the use of the relevant features of the Platform.
2.                  Purposes of Collection and Retention of Personal Data
2.1               All Academy Personal Data held by Cyberport Owner will be used, processed, disclosed and transferred solely in accordance with the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement provided to you upon the collection of your personal data, as provided in the Cyberport Academy Terms and Conditions or this Policy and/or pursuant to any other express consent given by you.
2.2               The main purposes for which any Academy Personal Data may be used comprise any or all of the following purposes:
·                Processing of application for an account with Cyberport Owner including verifying your identity and background
·                Operation and provision of the Services
·                Providing you with the Services that you request, managing, concluding and processing payment transactions
·                Making suggestions to you about features and services of the Platform
·                Maintaining records of course enrollments and attendance
·                Designing the courses, seminars, workshops and all sorts of training programmes or events  
·                Developing new features and services of the Platform
·                Handling your requests, enquiries or complaints
·                Conducting researches, surveys, analysis and quality assurance in respect of the Services
·                Meeting the disclosure and compliance requirements under any laws or regulatory requirements applicable to Cyberport Owner
·                Other purposes directly relating to any of the above.
We will notify you upon collection of your personal data if your personal data is to be used for other purposes.  
2.3               Personal data will be stored as long as it is necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which the data was collected or as required or permitted by applicable laws.  Generally, personal data associated with your account will be kept for a reasonable period from the termination of your account for compliance purposes and will be deleted afterwards. 
2.4               Transfer of Personal Data
Personal data may be provided or transferred in the following circumstances as we may consider necessary whether the recipients are inside of or external to Hong Kong:
·                to any agent, contractor or service provider of Cyberport Owner for a purpose that is not inconsistent with the purposes for which the personal data was collected.
·                to any partner institution or entity that offers any courses, seminars or workshops jointly with Cyberport Owner on the Platform
·                to any associated companies of Cyberport Owner
·                to the media, to the extent that the purpose of such transfer is not inconsistent with the purposes for which the personal data was collected
·                to any person to whom Cyberport Owner is under an obligation or is otherwise expected to make disclosure according to any law and regulations applicable to Cyberport Owner, including for the purposes of detecting, preventing and/or addressing fraud and other illegal activities or of preventing any injuries, damages or losses to any persons.
3.                  Direct Marketing
   3.1            We will only use the Academy Personal Data in direct marketing if you have given your consent and have not subsequently opted out.  In connection with direct marketing, we may:
·               use your personal data from time to time in promoting and providing you with information about the Services; and
·               market any products, facilities, services and subjects which may be offered or arranged by Cyberport Owner, its associated companies or its business partners.
   3.2            If you do not wish to receive any direct marketing materials from us, you may exercise your opt-out right.  You may indicate your preference in this regard by logging into “Profile Page” of your account. We will cease to use your personal data in direct marketing once we receive your notification indicating your objection to receive any direct marketing materials from us. 
4.                  Access to & Correction of Data
You may access to your personal data held by us by logging into “Profile Page” of your account.  You may also correct your personal data by following the relevant instructions provided on that webpage.  
5.                  Other Provisions of  the General Privacy Policy Statement
The other provisions of Cyberport Owner’s general Privacy Policy Statement, in particular on cookies and access to and correction of your data, shall apply to the Platform to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the policies set out herein.
6.                  Amendments to this Policy
            We may amend this Policy at any time by posting a revised version thereof on the Platform.  We therefore recommend that you access this section regularly in order to check the most recent and updated version of this Policy.  
7.                  Access or Enquiries
If you have any query in respect of this Policy or of your personal data held by us, please write via e-mail to or via mail to Level 6, Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.