FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars (Webinar 11): Personalised Finance through the Lens of InsurTech

Self-paced Recording

About this course

Format: Video recording

Learning Objectives:
- Learn what is customer-centric digital transformation
- Get to know the new data-driven personalised financial services
- Understand the expectations of insurance personalization

Training Content:
Session 1
- Topic: Personalised Digital Financial Services
- Language: English
- Speaker: Mr. Manuel San Miguel, CEO, Ignatica
- What to learn: Digital transformation promises an evolution in Financial Services, providing relevant and personalised services to consumers. The key questions to consider are how does that transformation take place in practice; how can technology and new ways of thinking about the industry transform, traditionally known as financial products into financial services. Using insurance as an anchor point, this webinar will discuss what personalization looks like and how the uses of data and digital ecosystems can help shape the industry going forward.

Session 2
- Topic: Personalised Digital Insurance
- Language: English
- Speaker: Mr. Florian Graillot, Founding Partner at astoryaVC.
- What to learn: Market leaders are embracing new technology in order to create unique personalized client experiences and services. Some financial services companies have managed to stay afloat, while others are still struggling to catch up. To take advantage of this market potential, one must embark on a road of customer-centric digital transformation. It has the power to change a company into a market-leading provider capable of going beyond today's boundaries and serving a one-of-a-kind market with unique products that benefit both the consumer and the provider. The business model will be disrupted as a result of this real-time customisation. Insurers will increasingly establish themselves as trusted advisors who assist customers foresee, navigate, and minimise the unique risks they face in a changing world, rather than as payers of compensation when things go wrong.


FinTech, AI & Big Data
Self-paced, 3 - 10 hours
No credit


Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

By the end of this course, you will learn:


Know the digitization of financial institutions


Learn how tech is transforming the offerings provided to customers


Understand the personalization of services


Know the personalised digital insurance


Learn customer oriented personalization


Understand real-time, data driven personalised digital insurance



Founding Partner at astoryaVC.
Florian is co-founder and Partner at astoryaVC, a European early-stage / insurance fund launched in
October 2017.

He has been working in the investment industry for 10+ years: investment manager at Affine, a listed property
company, investor at Newfund, a tech VC based in Paris, investor at AXA Strategic Ventures, a VC fund investing in European insurance startups, and now at astoryaVC.

Florian is an engineering graduated from Telecom ParisTech and business school graduate from HEC. He regularly writes and tweets about InsurTech, AI and Startups.


CEO, Ignatica
Manuel is a thought leader in digital transformation and the use of technology to change how platforms are designed for the financial services industry. Prior to founding Ignatica, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Manulife Financial in Asia, where he designed the technology strategy and digital engineering practices to support 7+ million clients across 12 countries.