FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars (Webinar 5): Cutting-edge Technologies to Combat Financial Crimes

Self-paced Recording

About this course

Format: Video Recording

Learning Objectives:
- Explore the key concepts and processes shaped by KYC (know your customer) and KYD (know your data)
- Understand data set and how to make it meaningful in the case of crime detection
- Learn the use cases of RegTech, KYC and KYD in multiple sectors across financial services

Training Content:
Session 1
- Topic:  RegTech – KYC (Know Your Customers)
- Language: Cantonese
- Speaker: Mr. William Lam, Founder and CEO, FundingReach
- What to learn: Compliance is one of the biggest topics for financial institutions, which costs more than USD 100 billion every year globally. While the sector has matured in the last couple of years, with 86% of banks believing there will be more collaboration with the RegTech ecosystem. It is still fundamentally important for financial institutions to harness the power of technology transforming regulatory compliance processes, and therefore, to face more and more sophisticated financial crimes. The industry expert will share specific real use cases of RegTech in Hong Kong and other regions for participants to get an holistic view of KYC requirements and the latest technologies put to use.

Session 2
- Topic: Know Your Data, Know Yourself
- Language: Cantonese
- Moderator: Mr. Marco Lam, CEO & Co-founder, Hong Kong Managed Security Operation Center Limited
- What to learn: Digitalization makes data easily accessible and searchable. Transforming from paper-based documents to electronic records is an inevitable trend. There has been a phenomenal increase in channels used to collect data, from websites to account transactions. Companies must be able to leverage all forms of internal data to drive better decision-making, set clear business objectives and combat cybercrime. The expert will talk about how companies can make good use of their data, not only to clarify their business objectives, but also to meet their compliance goals, detect cyber-threats and manage their risks.


3 - 10 hours, Self-paced
No credit


Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

By the end of this course, you will learn:


Master the importance of KYC compliance from both global and local perspectives


Find out the industry pain points in compliance and possible solutions


Understand the power of RegTech in KYC processes for better regulatory fulfilment and client experience


Understand how KYD is used throughout the organisation for various purposes


Learn the importance of accessing data in multi-dimensions for risk management


Explore the use cases of risk assessments



Co-founder and CEO of StormEye 
Marco Lam is the CEO and co-founder of StormEye. His startup focuses on helping the enterprise effectively collect daily operations logs and transform them into easy-to-understand data. Being a young entrepreneur and a security expert, he helped a wide range of companies balance cybersecurity control and business operations. In the aspect of cybersecurity, he is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification holder, which makes him have both attack and defensive knowledge to help the client at both policy and operational levels.


CEO, FundingReach Group

William is the founder and CEO of FundingReach Holdings Limited which is a Fintech platform specializing on RegTech and CreditTech. FundingReach leverage on Big Data and Machine Learning to generate more consistent and quality decisions on credit and compliance streams.  They provide innovative and trusted solutions to financial institutions and more.