FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars (Webinar 3): 2022, The Year of Digital Assets?

Self-paced Recording

About this course

Format: Video Recording

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the link between Defi, Blockchain, Tokenization and  Digital Assets
- Validate the maturity of Digital Assets around the world
- Ask the right questions on the firm’s position on Digital Assets 

Training Content:
Session 1
- Topic:  Wealth Management and Digital Assets
- Language: Cantonese
- Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Cheung, Strategy Director at HKbitEX
- What to learn: Digital assets are digital representation of an online value that is not controlled by any government or bank and is not considered cash or money. More than 9 out of 10 investors expect their financial advisors to be able to give them bitcoin advice, according to a survey published in March 2021. The Speaker will discuss digital assets and their characteristics, current regulatory landscape, different types of digital assets (Cryptos/ NFTs/ CBDCs/Security Tokens/Defi), Risks of digital assets, and The opportunities ahead and what is the outlook like?

Session 2
- Topic: New Assets for New Finance
- Language: English
- Speaker: Professor Andrei Kirilenko, Professor of Finance, Director of the PhD Programme, Founding Director, Centre for Finance, Technology and Regulation at Cambridge Judge Business School
- What to learn: "Digital Assets" and "Blockchain" are jargons that are sometimes used inappropriately. Nonetheless, understanding what they are, their application, and consequences in Financial Services are critical, as they will likely play a significant role in the future of Finance. Can we think of Digital Assets as Digitised Assets? The International Expert will demystify the terminology and share concrete examples of live applications of Digital Assets from NFT to Art specific certification tokens for example. Specific use cases of digital assets projects will be touched upon where the International Expert will highlight the key factors that led to their success. 


FinTech, Blockchain
Self-paced, 3 - 10 hours
No credit


Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

By the end of this course, you will learn:


Understand various digital assets


Acquire knowledge about digital assets in terms of regulations and what to watch out for


Learn the terminologies and what they mean


Practical use cases of digital assets projects and their benefits


Obtain a thorough understanding of the players and the ecosystem



Professor of Finance, Director of the PhD Programme, Founding Director, Centre for Finance, Technology and Regulation at Cambridge Judge Business School
Andrei Kirilenko leads the hub for research, education, and outreach on the impact of digital technologies on the financial services industry. He used to be an associate professor at the University of Cambridge with research interests in “The intersection of finance, technology and regulation; fintech; asset pricing, data, and digital technologies; the design of automated financial markets and instruments.”

He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and has earlier been Director of the Centre for Global Finance and Technology.


Strategy Director at HKbitEX
Jonathan wears multiple hats at HKbitEX, serving as a Director within the Strategy team and also as the Chief Product Officer for the Group’s custodian business. As Director of Strategy, his focus is on corporate development affairs including the development of new products and initiatives within the broader Group ecosystem. As CPO, Jonathan is responsible for the launch and execution of products as well as secure partnerships such as crypto insurance. 

Prior to HKbitEX, Jonathan was one of the early members of ZA International (licensed Virtual Bank and Virtual Insurer) focusing on special projects and product development. Jonathan is a qualified actuary with 10+ years of experience in the insurance industry, having previously worked for Manulife, FWD, and RGA in disciplines spanning pricing, product development, as well as business development.