FinTech Self-paced Learning Webinars (Webinar 1): How is DeFi Transforming Finance?

Self-paced Recording

About this course

Format: Video Recording

Learning Objectives:
- Understand what is DeFi, how it differs from traditional financial models and its potential impacts on financial services
- Validate the firm’s maturity and capabilities to harness these technologies for better product delivery and efficiency
- Ask the right questions regarding the firm’s position on Blockchain and DeFi

Training Content:
Session 1
- Topic:  DeFi Foundations
- Language: Cantonese
- Speaker: Professor Yiu, Siu Ming, Associate Head (Teaching and Learning) Department of Computer Science, HKU
- What to learn: DeFi provides traditional financial institutions with a number of growth prospects that might help to improve their operations and services. Financial services have been revolutionised by "DeFi" and "Blockchain." For a variety of reasons, the possibility of a more transparent, open, and accessible financial system accessible to anybody with an internet connection is appealing. Investors are increasingly backing blockchain and DeFi solutions, so traditional financial institutions must grasp the market and change with technology. Through numerous case studies, the expert will explain the nomenclature of DeFi, its fundamental concepts and its influence on financial services.

Session 2
- Topic: The Latest DeFi Trends
- Language: English
- Speaker: Mr. Charles D’Haussy, APAC Managing Director, ConsenSys
- What to learn: The DeFi ecosystem—which now represents an expansive network of integrated protocols and financial instruments worth more than $150B—has attracted more than 4.3million users as well as some of the world’s leading financial institutions, funds, exchanges, and family offices. The rapid growth of the DeFi market is attracting financial institutions and they are figuring out how to get involved. The International Expert will take a look into how the market is maturing, and how financial institutions will have to position themselves in a DeFi world.


Blockchain, FinTech
Self-paced, Under 2 hours
No credit


Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

By the end of this course, you will learn:


Understand the foundational principles of DeFi, the variety of financial services that can be built upon, and the growing opportunities for institutional investment in DeFi


Explore practical use cases of DeFi and impact of DeFi models in various sectors of Financial Services, and DeFi revolutionised the finance sector


Obtain a thorough understanding of Blockchain and DeFi


Analyse key trends and developments related to DeFi



Associate Head (Teaching and Learning) Department of Computer Science, HKU
Professor Yiu received a BSc in Computer Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an MS in Computer and Information Science from Temple University, and a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Hong Kong. He received two research output prizes, one from the department in 2013 and one from the faculty in 2006. He was selected for the Outstanding Teaching Award by the University in 2009, the Teaching Excellence Award in the Department for several years. 


APAC Managing Director - ConsenSys
Charles d’Haussy is Asia Managing Director at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain engineering company. Among his responsibilities, he leads ConsenSys’ projects on central-bank digital currencies with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Bank of Thailand. Prior to this, Charles served as head of fintech with the Hong Kong government (InvestHK). In that capacity, he helped found and scale Hong Kong Fintech Week, and supported the growth of over 450 fintech companies.  He has 15 years of prior experience in Hong Kong’s private sector and is licensed to invest and deal in securities.  In 2018, Charles was elected as a Top-50 fintech influencer in Asia. In 2021 he published Block Kong, a book about Blockchain leaders shaping the Hong Kong blockchain ecosystem. He studied in France at Rennes International Business School and in Guangzhou, China at Sun Yat-Sen University. He is a certified Bitcoin professional and studied blockchain business strategy at Be9 London.