Web3 Secure by Design Workshop (July 2024)

CIP Cybersecurity Level 1

About this course

What to learn?

This course is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of blockchain and Web3 technologies, emphasizing existing security risks and mitigation strategies and compliance, following the guidelines from the Web3 Risk and Security Management System (RSMS). 

Date: 24 July 2024
Time 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue: Oval Room, Smart-Space FinTech 1, Level 6, Core E, Cyberport 3 
Language: English

Speaker: Dr. Kang Li, Chief Security Officer, CertiK

What to Learn:
- Gain a foundational understanding of blockchain and Web3 technologies and recognize the importance of the Security-by-Design Principle in ensuring robust security measures are integrated from the outset. 
- Learn about key security risks in the Web3 threat landscape: such as private key compromise, social engineering threats, and smart contract vulnerabilities, and learn to implement effective security controls and measures to mitigate these risks. 
- Gain practical skills for regulatory compliance and risk management: Master the use of tools for monitoring AML compliance and tracing illicit funds, essential for meeting regulatory requirements. Apply methodologies for on-chain monitoring, incident alerts, and compliance with regulations, in line with Web3 RSMS guidelines. 

Lecture 1: Introduction to Web3 Security & Security-by-Design Principle
- Evaluating Blockchain Projects Security Risks 
- Reviewing Historical Incident  

Lecture 2: Web3 Fundamentals: Private Keys and Addresses
- Understanding Private Key Compromise Risk Lab
- Setting Up a Multisig Wallet 

Lecture 3: Common Frauds and Social Engineering Threats in Web3 
- Protecting Against Address Poisoning Attacks 

Lecture 4: Introduction to Web3 Protocol and Smart Contract Security 
- Identifying Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts 

Lecture 5: Web3 Monitoring, AML, Compliance, and Incident Investigation 
- Crypto AML & Compliance 
- Tracing Illicit Funds / Scam Investigation 

Web3 Security Readiness Assessment
 - Assessment reviewed by Web3 Security Companies (including CertiK)

1. Regular price:
- HK$ 1,260 per head.

2. Discount price to Smart-Space Tenants:
- HK$168 per head.
- Please obtain the discount code by sending email to training@cyberport.hk.

3. Refundable commitment fee to Cyberport community members (i.e. Cyberport incubatees, CCMF grantees, Cyberport Alumni:
- HK$100 per head
- 100% refund to eligible participants who comply to Cyberport Academy attendance policy
- Please obtain the discount code by sending email to training@cyberport.hk.

This workshop may be mandatory for Cyberport current incubatees to attain CIP Cybersecurity Level 1 Qualification. Only incubatees with at least one of the core members be certified with an active industry accredited information system security certification(s) OR have attended training(s) on relevant industry de-facto standards, such as OWASP Top 10 or equivalent can skip the workshop.

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Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Web 3
3 - 10 hours
No credit


Deadline: 23 Jul 2024