Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme 2022 (Webinar 9): How is AI Transforming Financial Services?

Webinar Series

About this course

Date:  11 Aug 2022

Time:  14:30 - 17:30 with 2 CPD /CPT Hours

Format: Webinar

Fee: HK$775 per head
- It is fully subsidized for participants from registered financial institutions and trade associations in the conditions that the Cyberport Academy Attendance Policy is complied.
- All learners will NOT be given any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and/or attendance record if they are late and/or absent from the class for more than a total of 15 minutes.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the role of artificial intelligence in the transformation of the financial services industry
- Identify the various types of technologies from automation to artificial intelligence
- Discover the artificial intelligence roadmap for financial services and its use cases in finance

Training Content:
Session 1
- Topic: How to Identify and Select The Right Process to Automate (with Financial Services Industry Focus)?
- Time: 14:30-16:00
- Language: English
- Speaker: Mr. Floyd Newsum, Managing Director at RPA (Hong Kong) Limited
- What to learn: Intelligent automation (IA) combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate business processes and streamline decision-making across the organisation. By understanding the various applications of these processes, businesses can unlock a huge amount of operational efficiency. Financial services firms that are looking to digitally transform must use IA to increase productivity, improve quality / customer satisfaction, and reduce labour costs. During this session the industry expert will guide the audiences through the sharing of a blueprint to identify and select the right processes to automate and share the best practices to avoid the major pitfalls.

Session 2
- Topic: How are Banks Leveraging on AI?
- Time: 16:00-17:30
- Language: English
- Speaker: Mr. Stephan Murer, ex Global CTO, UBS & Murer Consulting’s CEO
- What to learn: In the midst of a world, where artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the operating models of financial institutions by shifting strategic priorities and redefining the competitiveness of the financial ecosystem, a question arises is how can financial institutions better embrace AI and prepare for the future? In this session, the industry expert will lead a thought-provoking discussion on how financial institutions are dealing with implementation of innovative technologies like AI. The expert will also share about the best practices to successfully implement AI technologies that are disrupting the business operations of financial institutions.

Participants could get e-Certificates with earned CPD credits. 

*Participants could have 1 month post training playback at CA Portal Smart Learning.
*This webinar is entitled for 2 hours HKIB CPD (for all PQ holders except for AAMLP and CAMLP holders), SFC CPT,  PWMA OPT, and ACCA CPD.


Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme 2022, FinTech, AI & Big Data
3 - 10 hours
No credit


Deadline: 09 Aug 2022

By the end of this course, you will learn:


Gain awareness of how financial services firms can best use RPA and IA for operational excellence


Understand the Automation Opportunity Assessment (AOA) process


Learn about the communities of support related to intelligent automation


Understand the use of AI to achieve the strategic objectives of an organisation


Learn the different ways to unlock AI capabilities in financial services, including innovation capabilities, data and technical infrastructure


Uncover the skills are needed to thrive in the new AI-enabled world and the opportunities and challenges in an increasingly automated world



Managing Director at RPA (Hong Kong) Limited
Floyd Newsum is the business director of RPA (Hong Kong), Ltd.  A leader in intelligent automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Floyd has over 20 years of experience specializing in helping companies to leverage technology for business transformation and process improvements.  Prior to his current role at RPA (Hong Kong), Ltd., Floyd was Head of the Process & Automation COE at CHANEL (Hong Kong) and also a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young (EY, Hong Kong) responsible for leading the IA/RPA consultancy practice.  During the earlier parts of his career, Floyd worked in operational excellence departments for top firms including Cummins Diesel, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, and the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). 


ex Global CTO, UBS & Murer Consulting’s CEO, Board of Gravity Global AG
Stephan Murer is a seasoned technology executive with more than 30 years of experience leading digital transformation. Stephan started his career at Credit Suisse as an internal consultant, eventually working his way up to MD where he was put in charge of the firm’s information systems architecture. He then joined UBS as Global CTO where he was responsible for IT architecture and innovation across the group. Whilst at UBS he pioneered an array of digital transformation initiatives that helped the organisation become one of the most forward-thinking in terms of utilising FinTech.

In 2017, Stephan left UBS to found his own consultancy that advises the biggest global organisations such as Google. He also advises several AI & Tech startups from US and Europe and he is a Visiting Professor at Oxford University.